Mini Militia Sniper Mod

The Mini Militia Sniper Mod allows you to become a one-man army against the enemy team. It’s intense multiplayer combat with up to 6 players online or 12 using local wi-fi. Train with the Sarge and sharpen your skills in offline Training, Co-op, and Survival modes. Shoot a multitude of weapon types including the sniper, shotgun, and flamethrower.

Mini Militia Sniper Mod has explosive online and local multiplayer warfare. Intuitive dual stick shooter controls. Open world maps using rocket boots for extended vertical flight. Zoom control, melee attacks, and dual wield ability with modern and futuristic heavy-duty weapons and grenades. Team-based battles in this fun cartoon-themed cross between Soldat and Halo.

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia (DA2) is a vertical top-down shooter based on the original stickman shooter Doodle Army, created based on player feedback and suggestions. We welcome your ideas so thank you and keep them coming! You can hear Sarge speak to you through the in-game email link.

If you love Mini Militia and want even more awesomeness, upgrade now! The Pro Player Pack gives you full access to dual wield ability, extra avatar customization items, and online weapons such as the rocket launcher, sniper rifle, laser, saw the gun, and more.


  •  Unlimited ammo. nitro.bombs
  •  one-shot kill
  •  crazy bombs mod for all bomb
  •  pro pack unlocked
  •  with one new Avtar
  •  and many more

This MOD Is Included With


Sniper Rain Mod for Doodle Army2: Mini Militia – Unlimited Boost

You might have seen players using Sniper to kill enemies in Doddle Army 2: Mini Militia. Most times, we find it difficult to get Sniper or Shotguns in Mini Militia. And we also find it hard to kill a person who is having a Sniper or Shotguns with him/her.

Mini Militia Sniper Mod

And most of the time people are thinking that ‘why can’t I use these guns very easily? Where I will get these weapons?’ We said these but now we have the solution for all this. We have created an application where you don’t have to work hard to get a lethal weapon. You just have to get our latest application, install it on your phone and enjoy the game really fun and easy.

Immediately after starting the gameplay, everyone will search for these two weapons. My personal favorite is the shotgun. I prefer this gun more than anything. This mod gives a lot of new features to Mini Militia and I am pretty sure that you will really love it.

Special Features


What is Sniper and Shotgun Mod?

This mod is an upgraded version of Mini Militia Sniper Mod. You will get a Sniper or Shotgun everywhere in the game. It’s extremely helpful while playing the game.

This mod is just the core feature of the mini militia sniper. There are lots of other helpful features in the mini militia which will help you during playing.

I prefer playing this game offline so that I’m not cheating online. There’s a chance of getting banned in the game if you try to use this Mod. And I don’t want that to happen to anyone. It’s always fair to play fair.

Features of Mini Militia Sniper Rain Mod’

  • You should be aware of the features of this mini militia sniper mod before you download its APK. You shouldn’t expect it to just magically work without adjusting some basic settings.
  • One of the main reasons you will want to use this mod is because of the Sniper Rain and also the availability of Shotgun in the mini militia game. You will love this feature.
  • We give you the Unlimited Boost via Mini Militia sniper mod. But the Mod is only available for a limited time.
  • One of the best mods for the mini militia, with unlimited ammo and a range of bullets that is four times the normal range. You don’t need to worry about reloading the gun anymore with this mod. Alternatively, you can also check out some of our other mod collections like Plants vs Zombies, COD, and Cooking Fever.
  • If you upgrade your health with our mini militia sniper mod, your health will increase very fast when you are hit by other players in the game. So your chance of dying will be reduced.

Benefits Of Mini Militia Mods

  • Installing the sniper mod is super easy. You will be able to spawn and kill enemies at will without needing to hide or wait. Using mods is the dream of many players and we are here to make that dream come true.
  • We’ve got a mini militia sniper mod and you can choose what happens next. The benefits are limitless in Mods. Although it’s having some disadvantages. One of those is the Sniper Rain Mod with Shotgun.
  • I personally don’t recommend using these Mods every time. They have all these Pros, but they could ruin our gameplay fun. Use this Mod only for exploring beyond the boundaries of Mini Militia. 

How to Download The Mini Militia Sniper Mod And Install

Mobile game? Mod? Must have Mini Militia Sniper Mod. You just need to download the Mod from one of the links below. You may need to enable the “Install from Unknown Sources” option in your Phone’s Settings. After that, you can install the game and play with the game.

You’ll be using the awesome Mini Militia Sniper Mod today because it’s so much fun. Just watch the video before you install it, okay?

Mini Militia Death Sprayer Mod Apk

Get the new Mini Militia Sniper Mod. Fire rockets saw cutters and a machete all at 100 rounds per second. Health generates faster, and you have infinite bullets per shot with the Death Sprayer Mod.

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Sniper Mod 2022 was created by one of our creative fans. It has a special ability to shoot rockets in a split second, allowing you to cause mass destruction on your opponent.

Mini Militia Pro Pack APK

Mini Militia Sniper Mod – The Rocket Launcher for this mini militia unlimited death sprayer mod has been turned into a fully automatic weapon. And The Saw Cutter is now an additional Primary Gun. Fire them all at over 100 rounds per second.

Death Sprayer Mod Apk Info

I am the best sniper out there; people call me Deathsprayer. You can use this mod to launch all these weapons at a rate that is tied with other automatic and semi-automatic weapons in the game.

Mini Militia Sniper Mod Dual guns can be held: Every time you respawn you will get both guns Saw Cutter and Rocket Launcher in dual to wield as the default weapons. Primary GUN- rocket launcher, Secondary GUN- Saw Cutter.

This mod will make your gun one-shot kill enemies. Enable this if you enjoy shorter battles.

This hack unlocks all 14 store items including but not limited to Boost regen, Health Regen, and Golden eagle. They are already purchased with this Death Sprayer hack.

Play the game like a pro. Sniper Mini Militia MOD Unlimited bullets or ammo: This allows you to have unlimited ammo on all your weapons. Associated with the hack without reloading, you can continue shooting without a time limit or without having to reload.

Throw sensor mines along with the rockets that travel in the air as fast as they don’t find a place to stick.

Our Mini Militia Sniper Mod is the best game mod. Now you can rest assured of winning. We add unlimited Nitro so that you have infinite JetPack and hover over the enemy all the time and then there’s no way they can dodge the missiles.

More Features On Mini Militia Death Sprayer Mod Apk

  • Saw Cutter sprayer
  • mini militia machete sprayer
  • Stabilized speed as normal as Saw Cutter is very heavy
  • Added death prayer to most of the guns.
  • Sniper sprayer
  • Saw sprayer
  • Mini militia death sprayer unlimited health
  • And added death prayer to more guns
  • Increase bullets speed
  • Sniper bullet range
  • Ability to throw SAWS from hands
  • Even if you throw bombs you will not lose dual guns

Mini Militia All In One Death Sprayer Mod

  • Deathsprayer rocket launcher grenade(green bombs) sprayer 
  • 2) Minigun sprayer 
  • 3) Stabilized speed as normal as minigun is very heavy 
  • 4) Added death prayer to most of the guns
  • 5) Sniper sprayer 
  • 6)Saw sprayer 
  • 7)And added death sprayers to more guns
  • 8) Increase bullets speed 
  • 9) Sniper bullet range 
  • 10) Commander in Chief rank
  • 11)Anti bomb effect (bombs won’t be able to kill you)
  • 12) Fixed skill-29
  • 13) Dual guns can be held 
  • 14)Fake iOS symbol 
  • 15) Instant weapons respawn 

Why download Mini Militia Death Sprayer Mod?

Mini Militia Sniper Mod – so many cool new guns to try out.

Mini Militia Sniper Mod is the best thing to discover with your friends. Just press the fire button and see the magic.

We have added a rocket launcher and saw cutter as primary weapons allowing you to cut toward enemy players. We have also added unlimited rockets with secondary options.

We have given you unlimited health to protect you from bouncy blades. You will enjoy this sniper mod to the fullest.

You don’t have to take my word for it, you can try the mod yourself and then decide.

Features Of Mini Militia Death Sprayer Mod.

The Death Sprayer will be the most powerful weapon in Mini Militia. With unlimited shots and bullets fired per second, your enemies won’t know what hit them.

Play “Mini Militia Sniper Mod” with this mod, you can use a powerful Rocket launcher as your primary weapon and a powerful Saw cutter as your secondary weapon.

We have added a mini militia sniper mod. The unlimited health is there to protect you from exploding rockets and blades.

Mini Militia Sniper Mod is the best mod that lets you zoom in and out on all weapons 7x better to best understand the movements of your enemy.

Death will not bring you down anymore! Be prepared for the mission with Mini Militia Sniper Mod.

Already an advanced player? No reload, I’m sure you just hate it when your gun reloads all the time during gameplay. But, don’t worry anymore because all the features are here and ready for you, so go ahead and enjoy Mini Militia Sniper Mod.

The Advantages of Mini militia Death Sprayer Hack

This mod has so many advantages. It’s like having a machine gun except you hold down the fire button and this weapon fires cutter blades at an incredibly fast rate. You just continuously fire and in a matter of seconds, the whole map will be filled with cutter blades.

No one will be able to survive this many exploding blades. And after some time the blade will explode so that is fun too. And between so many exploding blades will die continuously no there will be no point in playing at all.

So that is why we have provided the unlimited life mod for Mini Militia Sniper. However, if you like a challenge, then we provide a sniper that has limited health too. The link is below in the resources section by the way.

The rocket launcher is the first weapon in this Mini Militia Sniper Mod. It is so exciting. Just click the fire button to see the magic and enjoy.


  • Good internet connection to download Mini Militia Death Sprayer Mod apk.
  • Around 200 MBs of free internal space.
  • Android phone with at least 512 MB of RAM and upper for more compatibility.
  • Keep this page open in the browser for installation details

Other Mods



  •  Sniper Falls ( Rainfall Of Sniper )
  •  Weapons Instantly Respawn
  •  2x Player Speed
  •  5 Bullets Per Shot
  •  Infinite Range Of Bullets
  •  8x Zoom Fixed 
  •  Infinite Speed Of Bullets
  •  Carry Heavy Weapon: Our mini militia sniper mod is the best. It won’t affect your weapon size, it’s like you’re flying around with a Deagle while holding a rocket launcher.
  •  Sniper Lobby
  • Store Items Unlocked
  •  Any map Survival: You can play Mini Militia Sniper mod on any map, just select a map from the “Deathmatch” mode and then play it.
  •  10 Survival Play Rounds 
  •  No Dual Throw: Cool mod for the mini militia, even if you throw a bomb to yourself, you still can hold dual guns.


Mini Militia Sniper Mod has published this death spray mod just to let players enjoy something different from the usual but does not encourage them to continue playing this game.

You definitely should try this mod once and share your experience of using it in the comment section. It has a whole lot of cool new features and has so much to offer.

We tested this mod very thoroughly on many devices and we can assure you it’s working perfectly. If you run into any problems during installation or gameplay just let us know in the comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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