Mini Militia Ranks

Playing Mini Militia rank is so exciting because you have fun killing everyone. You will feel like you are fighting off in one of the most addictive, fast-paced multiplayer games ever. With epic shootouts, intense jumping, and attacking others – it’s an amazing game! The player can earn experience points while purchasing weapons and using them in battles against other players on the internet.

Mini Militia Ranks

Mini Militia, owned by Miniclip, is a multiplayer FPS game available to download on both Android and Apple iOS devices. It weighs 40MB on Android smartphones and 53MB on Apple iPhones and receives 4.1 stars in the Google Play Store and 4.3 stars in the App Store.

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Mini Militia Ranks Chart

The following chart is a great resource if you are playing Mini Militia mod apk. You are indeed waiting to know the exact amount of XP in-game for achieving the next level and ranks. In the US military, badges denote different ranks and there are some similarities between the ranks of Mini Militia and those of the US Army. In this chart, we have a list of all possible levels to know how much XP is required to advance through each one.

RankTotal EXPXP Required for Next Rank
Private0 XP100 XP
Private First Class100 XP400 XP
Corporal500 XP500 XP
Sergeant1000 XP1000 XP
Staff Sergeant2000 XP1500 XP
Sergeant First Class3500 XP1500 XP
Master Sergeant5000 XP1750 XP
First Sergeant6750 XP1750 XP
Sergeant Major8500 XP2500 XP
2nd Lieutenant11000 XP2500 XP
1st Lieutenant13500 XP3000 XP
Captain16500 XP3000 XP
Major19500 XP3050 XP
Lieutenant Colonel23000 XP4000 XP
Colonel27000 XP4000 XP
Brigadier General31000 XP4000 XP
Major General35000 XP4000 XP
Lieutenant General39000 XP5000 XP
General44000 XP6000 XP
General of the Army50000 XP50000 XP
Commander in Chief100000 XP__________
Mini Militia Ranks

Mini Militia Ranks Features

  • Deathsprayer
  • Default Weapons
  • One-shot kills
  • Pro pack unlocked
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Mines
  • Unlimited Nitro
  • Unlimited zoom
  • No reload
  • Unlimited health
  • Mini Militia Machete sprayer
  • Saw sprayer
  • Sniper sprayer
  • Mini militia death sprayer unlimited health
  • Throw SAWS from hands
  • Sniper bullet range
  • Saw Cutter sprayer
  • Added death guns
  • Increase bullets speed

Requirements for Mini Militia Ranks

For Android:

  • Version 4.0 or above
  • Minimum 512 MBs of RAM.
  • Minimum 100 MBs of internal space on the device.

How to download and install the mini militia Ranks

Before installing the latest version of mini militia, uninstall the older version if you have any as it might give some parse error on your device. After that also clean your device’s RAM from background apps if any.

Now you are good to go with all the steps mentioned below to download and install the mini militia latest version.

How to download mini militia Ranks

  • Then click on the link given in this article to download the mini militia mod apk download.
  • Place the downloaded file at the same place where your mod apk is located.
  • Download the mod free apk file from the motor-activated.
  • Install apk on your Android device.

 How to install mini militia Ranks

After following all the steps mentioned above, now you are good to go with the installation of the game. Follow the steps below to do so

  • Once it done download, enable unknown sources if they are disable on your phone by go to SETTING>>SECURITY>>ENABLE SOURCE.
  • Launch the apk file that you just download and click ‘Install.’ Let the installation completes, until you will get a success notification.
  • Now the game is successfully installed. You can also turn the internet connection of your phone to play the game.


If you are playing a modded version of Mini Militia rank, then you can become a high-ranked player and it will give you multiple benefits. In the modded version of the game, there are modification features like unlimited damage, unlimited ammo, jetpacks and other features that can give you something special than a rank just like another feature of the modded version of the game which is to get used to anything immediately as soon as it arrives.

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