Mini Militia Invisible Wall Hack

Have you ever tried to skip walls when you were in danger? Or did you imagine that you could prank players and show magic by flying through the wall in your favorite game, Mini Militia? If not, then here is the hack. Today I am going to share with you one amazing trick with which you can do crazy things which are impossible to do in the game. Yeah, you are in the right place if you are looking for Mini Militia Hacks. Many users say it’s the Mini Militia Invisible Wall Hack

If you want to create an invisible wall and easily get a shock, then this is the perfect solution for you. This mini militia invisible wall hack will instantly create an invisible wall and will help your friends or enemies get a shock.

Do you want to play mini militia but keep getting kicked off on purpose by other users? You don’t want others to know that you were the one who shot first. This Mini Militia Invisible Wall Hack is a mod by an unknown developer. Who introduced a way through which users can fly directly through a wall and take a shortcut from any path. In the same, if we talk about non-fly mod users they won’t be able to catch fly through walls mod users because they don’t have that ability.

The Mini Militia Invisible Wall Hack is available for Android, PC, and iOS. Well, most of the iOS users won’t be able to take advantage of mod games. But this time we won’t make them nervous. We are soon going to release the mini militia wall hack iOS version.

Mini Militia Invisible Wall Hack Features

  •  Mini Militia Unlimited Boost
  •  Unlimited Nitro
  •  Mini Militia Unlimited Ammo
  •  All Features Unlocked
  •  Everything Purchased
  •  Custom Server Modification

What’s New Mini Militia Invisible Wall Hack

Mini Militia Invisible Wall Hack is the best thing about this mod. If you play MiniMilitia Game and want to fly through Walls then a hacked version of mini militia game is the perfect choice for you.

  • New Binocular Option (Settings -> Store)
  • Updated features
  • No Server down
  • Proper Gameplay
  • No Lagging

If you download and install the latest version of Mini Militia Mod Apk Hack, this script will be integrated into your game automatically.

More about Invisible Wall Hack

The mod version of Mini Militia is the ultimate hack. It gives you unlimited jetpack, pro pack and all the guns unlocked. The main feature of this mini militia mod version is that you can now walk through walls.

Mini Militia Invisible Wall Hack

To enjoy this mod, you should try playing with open maps like outposts, high towers. While you shouldn’t play with bounded maps like No Escape and Catacombs, as if you will once walk away from the walls, no one will be able to kill you, which can make other users feel very annoyed.

We can provide you a free package of the full version with unlimited features. Hope before downloading, you have successfully read the installation steps. If not, please do so carefully to avoid errors during installation.

Mini Militia 5.2.1 Ghost Mod Features

  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Boost
  • No Reload
  • Magic Bomb
  • Magic Melee
  • 5x Bullet Speed
  • Invisible
  • Wall Hack
  • Vibrating Leg
  • 2.2x Player Speed
  • Unlimited Bomb

Features of Mini Militia Wall Hack Mod APP

  • Some of the features I already mentioned in the intro part. But I would like to mention it here as well. Get a look to mini militia fly through walls mod features
  • Mini Militia Invisible Wall Hack/Wall Hack and Invisible Mod – The name shows its power. The mod is dedicated to the same. You will get power to fly through walls and you will get an ability to hide from other users. Enjoy 2-in-1.
  • As you play Mini Militia invisible wall, you do see a stunning view of the world which is full of beauty and chaos. We have the best collection ever starting with unlimited ammo and unlockable characters.
  • This Mini Militia Hack gives you unlimited health, score, and free ammunition. You don’t need to reload your weapon each time you want to fire at the other players. Kill other players while they reload, and get more points with our hack tool.
  • We have a dedicated mod for the Mini Militia Pro Pack. The Invisible Wall Hack mod unlocks all store items, and all the Pro Pack features. We also have a No Recoil, Infinite Ammo, and a Rapid Fire mod for it. But as I already told you, it’s our Invisible Wall Hack that really is special, because it gets you the Pro Pack ability to go through walls, as well as unlimited invisibility.
  • Do you need an unlimited jetpack to fly higher? Do you want to set an invisible wall for your enemies? then the catch is for you. Use the Mini Militia Invisible Wall Hack right now.
  • Get the best Mini Militia Invisible Wall Hack on Android! Now with transparent bushes – sometimes your enemies will irritate you by hiding in bushes and shooting bullets. Unlock the potential to hide behind those bushes and surprise them.
  • This is the most important feature and the ability to fly through walls. Whenever you act on something, you need satisfaction. If you get satisfaction by getting superpowers in the mini militia, then get the Mini Militia Flythrough walls Cheats now.

What WallHack does?

Mini Militia Invisible Wall Hack and Mini Militia Wall Hack is a modified version of the official game and is based on the principles of modding. The game is modified by making necessary changes to the core game files that mainly include

Once these changes are made, the mod is compressed and shared in the form of an APK. This mod also includes features such as invisibility which makes players disappear, lets you pick up double guns, and provides unlimited health.

The Mini Militia Invisible Wall Hack makes sure any pair of weapons, whether Oz, Shotgun, Sniper or even Rocket Launchers, can be wielded in pairs. The mere idea of thinking about equipping two rocket launchers in your hand gives spine-chilling vibes, doesn’t it? In the next section, we will discuss how the wallhack actually achieves its objectives.

How Does Wall Hack Work?

Most of the Mini Militia hacks that we wrote to you about in the past were working wonders. Now, we’re going to tell you how to use one of the core Mini Militia hacks. There’s a file called libcocos2dcpp.cpp in the core of the game. But it’s impossible to access this file directly through your phone, some developers have been kind enough to help us unzip tools like WinRAR to access this file, and then right here’s a video link showing you how it was done on a PC using UVUnwrapper and the Mini Militia 1.0.10 APK file and extract the plugin

Any player using this hack will not be visible through walls. Bullets from other players will look as if they are penetrating the walls, but they are not. You won’t lose any health on being hit by bullets from either player with or without this hack.Let’s talk about some of the most exciting features of the Mini Militia invisible wall hack.

Main Features of Mini Militia Wall Hack Apk

Unlimited Ammo

We’ve got an invisible wall hack for Mini Militia that allows you to possess unlimited ammo on all your weapons. Associated with the hack without reloading, or having to reload your pistols, you can continue shooting without interruption. Now you can switch weapons and throw grenades, you will not freeze or crash in quick play or online mode. Do not forget to include the zero weapons ammunition in wireless Field Wifi. Do not hold the game when playing Lan local WiFi mode, ask someone else to host it.

Pro Pack + All Store items

Now you no longer need to make purchases through the app to access premium features. Use this hack to try all the premium features and game content with our Mini Militia Invisible Wall Hack. We will always recommend you to buy the premium content to support the developers.

No Reload

No need to waste your money on expensive invisible walls. Our Mini Militia Invisible Wall Hack continues shots without reloading, saving you money.

Fly Through Walls

Our new invisible wall hack allows you to fly through walls or avoid obstacles. You’ll also be able to shoot through walls and move through obstacles. Bullets and grenades can also cross walls and obstacles. The offline mode of other bots will also allow them to move freely through walls and obstacles.

Unlimited Health

Our Mini Militia invisible wall hack will let you pass through walls and into buildings undetected. Our Mini Militia unlimited power hack allows you to turn your steering wheel all 360 degrees as if you can fly anywhere.

Transparent Bush

Mini Militia Invisible Wall Hack is a user-friendly visual tool that allows you to see opponents hidden behind the bushes


Fly Through Walls

Now you can be a ghost who can walk through walls and chase your enemies to death. You will be able to move through walls, buildings, and other objects in the game. This feature will add more fun to your Mini Militia game as you top the kill feed every time.


Mini Militia Wall Hack, where you become invisible. Turn into Mr.India with our invisible hack for Mini Militia, and try to sneak up on other players when they least expect it.

Double Gun

Along with all the features mentioned above, you’ll be able to have two guns out at the same time and can clear new records. Two magnums can blow destructive damage, imagine two AKMs, bazookas, or snipers carried together, it’s a horror story for enemies altogether.


Unlimited health means you’re Ashwatthama and no danger from enemy gunfire. Jokes apart, the mini militia invisible wall hack is the best weapon to survive an onslaught.


Hate it when you have to die just because you run out of bullets and there’s no other option than to die and respawn? We’ve got an unlimited ammo method for that.

The Hack Behind Mini Militia Wall Glitch Mod

The developers of the mod found a door that let them copy over the server code. This allowed them to edit out the avatar’s viewpoint that contains the sealed areas.If you’re a developer, get the Invisible Wall Hack for Mini Militia now and keep your players’ avatars small to keep them from bouncing back when they hit an invisible wall.

This way, if any of the developers changes the limiting value of the player it simply enters the wall. To change the code, he/she needs to access the game’s main XML files which are extracted from the main apk of MiniMilitia game. Then, the z-index is changed to make the avatar invisible (wall hack). Later, modification is patched into a single file again. The resulting player would be able to enter the walls much easier.

I have played Mini Militia Invisible Wall Hack mod and I really love it. There are a couple of bugs but that could be understood. I will surely share the gameplay with you soon. Scroll further to read more about the game.


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Hope you enjoyed the Mini Militia Invisible Wall Hack Mod! I am sure you will love this mod. Please support us by sharing our site. And reply in the comments if you like the game.


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