Mini Militia Doodle Army

Doodle army 2 or Mini militia is a famous multiplayer game. Once you play, you will be highly addicted to it. It has a classic 2D game feel in which a stick man is surviving himself in a jungle and different maps. Finding different weapons on a map, flying with nitro, and bombs makes this game more interesting and engaging.

To make this game more awesome and winning, different developers modified it according to their desires. Here is the best Mini Militia Mod APK with pro pack unlocked. Moreover, this mod has unlimited health, ammo, and battle points as well. Enjoy.

Find other exciting features filled with advanced mini militia mod apks below and always win the game when you play with competitors.

Mini Militia Mod Apk

Mini militia mods are very famous among players. Each mod has different qualities and features designed by the developer. Here each mod is listed along with features and a download link. All mod versions of the mini militia are added to this website including basic mods as well as advanced mods. Stay with us till the end of the article, and you will be amazed by the best mods. 

Pro-Pack Mod v5.0.1 (latest 2021):

Same as other games, mini militia also limit some features to free users and asks them to pay to unlock more features. That’s why its name is Pro pack (Professional pack). The price of the pro pack is around $5 but in this mod apk you will get it for free. In the pro pack, you will enjoy many features that were unavailable in the free version such as:

  • Online content unlocked
  • Rocket launcher and other pro weapons
  • Sniper rifle
  • Carry 2 deadly guns at once
  • Dual wield for pro weapons
  • More awesome avatar skins
  • And much more.
Mod By AC Market

Best stable mod for playing Mini Militia game developed by AC market. It supports both, either you play online or play with friends. This mod has a pro pack unlocked and has many battle points. You can use the battle points to shop for different powers from mini militia stores. Many people don’t know about the store in-app but it exists and you can find it in the lower right corner of the app. Otherwise, you have to purchase a pro pack, but now you don’t need to spend a single penny. We have provided you the pro pack unlocked mod 

Unlimited Health, Ammo, Nitro Mod

This mod is specifically for those who want to play the game with unlimited health, nitro, and ammo or bullets. An explanation and download link is given in the below paragraphs.

Unlimited Health Mod

In a mini militia game, health refers to player life. It has appeared in the upper left corner. Usually, a player lost his life with bullet attacks or electric shock attacks. But how amazing if your player never lost his life. Yes! No player can kill you either online or play via LAN wifi.

Unlimited Ammo Mod

Ammo is the bullet set of any gun you pick in-game. In the normal game, each gun comes with a limited number of ammo or bullets. This ammo finished after some time and another player can kill with his bullets when you are zero on ammo. But developers solved this by modifying core files and adding an unlimited ammo facility. Shoot as many bullets as you can and kill your competitors.

Unlimited Nitro

Mini Militia has features of flying. Your player can fly for a limited time if you have nitro. Nitro reloads after some time and then flying capability begins. Means you have to wait for nitro power to fill. But in this mod, you can fly for unlimited time because nitro will never finish. Nitro also helps to escape quickly from the enemy. To download unlimited nitro, ammo and health mod click the download button. Also, don’t forget to check GOD MOD in the next paragraphs. 

Unlimited Money or Battle Points

In this mod, unlimited battle points are added besides other features. You can shop from the store with these battle points and equip upgrades and weapons as maximum as possible. 

Special Avatars Mod (Unlocked)

While playing the game you might be impressed by the avatars of other players. While you have only a few boring avatars. Stop worrying! Here in this mod, you will have access to all avatars, Even you can make your custom version of it. All outlook features are unlocked along with battle points and health. 

Advanced Mini Militia mods

Developers modified the code of the game to achieve advanced features that one can never imagine in the original apk file. 

There are following Mini militia mod apks are available:

  • Pro Pak Mod
  • GOD Mod
  • Mega Mod
  • Unlimited health Mod
  • Unlimited nitro Mod
  • Unlimited Ammo Mod
  • All in one Mod
  • Wallhack Mod
  • Ultra Mod
  • One-Shot Kill Mod
  • Mortal mod
  • Immortal mod
  • CFT and the latest ones.

How To Install The Mini Militia Mod Apk On Android?

You can install and enjoy the game on your android device by following mentioned steps:

Go to the setting of your mobile, then the security option, and allow unknown sources to install apk files on your device. You will find this option under the Device Administration tab.

Download The Mod Apk From Our Site

  • If you are using a laptop or pc download this file to your pc and then transfer it to your mobile device.
  • Press install, then the mini militia mod apk will be installed in yours
  • Now play with your friends or play online! Enjoy

Mini Militia Doodle Army Gameplay 

It is a fantastic multiplayer game that will never bore you. Doodle army man lost in the jungle with enemies all around loaded with weapons. The gameplay is classic yet interesting. For example, all of your cousins gathered at any place and you don’t have even connectivity to the internet, still, you guys can play together and enjoy. This is the main reason behind its amazing popularity. Whether you are connected to the internet or not, you can enjoy this game with full potential. you can also visit the Smule mod apk for exciting mods

When Connected To The Internet (Online)

This game gives you three options to play. The first option is quick to play and the second option is to Play Online. These two option requires internet connectivity to play.

Quickplay is the game mode where you just have to choose a map and the game will be started with random players over the internet. In this mode, you will play with 6 random players from all over the world. Most mini militia modified variants work on this quick mode.

In-Play the online mode, you also need internet connectivity. This is further divided into 3 more sub-option to choose from.

Free For All

As the name suggests, you can play the game without making any teams. Same as Quickplay mode, just chose a map and start playing with random players over the world.

Team Death Match

This is the best mode which adds more excitement and fun to the game. This mode provides the ability to make teams and play against each other. Same like previous, random people will be there for teaming and playing on random servers. This option is also available in all mini militia mod apk on this site.

Custom Game

If you want to join any specific mini militia server instead of a random one, this option is for you. I personally like “New Player America server” and “Battle Zone America server”. Choice can vary from person to person based on many facts. SO it all depends on your priorities. If you have a real action game over, check out the GTA san Andreas apk.

Play With Friends Over The Internet:

If you want to play mini militia with your specific friends who live in other cities but have internet connectivity, then this option is for you. For this, you have to add your friends to a server and then start playing. To avail of this option, login in-game via google play or Facebook is necessary.

Without Internet Connection:

In addition to playing with internet connectivity, mini militia comes with the option to play offline ( when not connected to the internet). This option is shown as “Practice (Local)”. Enjoy game over LAN wifi connection or via Bluetooth. You can play mini militia with friends in the following ways. 

Add Friends On Mini Militia (LAN Wifi)?

To enjoy games with your fellows, friends, or cousins, you need to connect all other mobile phones with the hotspot of one phone known as the host. When all mobiles or players are connected to the same host, then they all can see the option to join the game otherwise the option will not be visible. Host set the game name that will appear on other screens and a maximum of 12 players can join one host game connected to the same hotspot. When you are ready just press ready the button and the game will start after 6 seconds.

Play Via Bluetooth

Its connection theme is similar to the case of Wi-Fi, but here the connection medium is Bluetooth. This mode is still under construction but once it is released it will work in the way explained. Here 4 options are provided in the “Practice Local” play that is explained below:

Death Match

In this mode you can play as an individual or as a group and try to kill each other to get maximum points, One with higher points will be considered the winner. You have to play with each other, no player other than your team will enter the map. Check Out: FM Whatsapp apk

Survival CO-OP: This mode is designed for playing in such a way as to kill enemies send by mini militia servers. Also, this model has the ability to create groups.

Survival Solo

You have to play as an individual and kill enemies send by the app. This is also best for practicing.


If you are a total newbie, mini militia comes with a training mode option. Here captain will guide you and teach you gameplay i.e. using guns, nitro, flying, shooting, etc.

If you want to receive the latest mini militia mod first in your inbox, then join our Mini Militia mod club now. It’s free and it is fun! You can also watch exciting video

  • How do I download mods for the mini militia?
  • Mini Militia has different mods filled with different features. You can download mods from different websites by following the given steps:
  • Go to
  • Browse for your desired mod
  • Download the mod apk file directly from your mobile
  • Install apk on your mobile and have fun.

The following Mods Are Readily Available For Download:

List Of All Mini Militia Mod Apk:

  • Pro Pak Mod
  • GOD Mod
  • Mega Mod
  • Unlimited health Mod
  • Unlimited nitro Mod
  • Unlimited Ammo Mod
  • All in one Mod
  • Wallhack Mod
  • Ultra Mod
  • One-Shot Kill Mod
  • Mortal mod
  • Immortal mod
  • CFT and the latest ones.

What is a mini militia Pro Pack?

Mini Militia pro pack is the premium version of the original game. It contains some additional features such as Battle points to buy Additional upgrades, New Character avatars, and Access to advanced guns such as snipers. Ability to pick two deadly guns etc. But you can get the Pro Pack mod apk free of cost from here. It is considered one of the best mini militia mod apk.

How Do I Download Mini Militia Wall Hack Mod Apk?

  • Downloading mini militia hacks is not a tough task. You can easily download a mini militia wall hack by following the given steps:
  • Go to the website
  • Search for Wall Hack Mod apk
  • Click on page
  • Click on Download Wallhack mod apk
  • Download it on your android phone
  • Install and play

How To Play Mini Militia Mod Apk?

Mini militia mod apk is a 2D game based on a survival theme. You have enemies all around and you have to save yourself from them. Controls are really simple yet effective. Pick guns and attack others. The video is added below. Watch out and you will have a better idea about playing mini militia.

  • How do I download mini militia to my computer?
  • You can download mini militia on your PC, you can even play it on your computer.
  • Can I play mini militia on PC?
  • Yes, to play mini militia on pc using an android emulator. Actually, you can play any android game on a PC. A complete step-by-step process is explained here.


  • Turn on Mobile Hotspot.
  • Open the app
  • Choose the third option named “Practice Local”
  • Then chose Death Match
  • Click on LAN Wifi
  • Here you will find the option named “HOST”.
  • Click on HOST.


It is clear from the above discussion that Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Mod is a magical version of the shooter game. Probably, many were waiting for such improvement, and now the wait is over. If you face any interruption in its usage, then make sure your device has all the required files. Also, be patient since the developer will fix all the issues very soon. So, go & enjoy it.

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