Mini Militia Death Sprayer Unlimited Nitro, Zoom, Death Sprayer, Health, No Reload, And One-Shot Kills

If you are a Mini Militia player, then you should look no further than Mini Militia Death Sprayer. Fortunately for players looking to experience an almost unlimited world of exciting and action-packed game play on the go, our developer offers his latest release with all of his most cherished modifications that are sure to revolutionize the gaming experience.

Mini Militia Death Sprayer

You will be able to enjoy a two-dimensional multiplayer deathmatch with up to six other players through your mobile device’s touchscreen in a brand new kind of format, without ever having to pay anything extra or purchasing special items or add-ons. With such thrilling content at your fingertips, you simply choose your weapon of choice and hunt down your opponents all while collecting coins on their behalf, which you can use later to unlock even more kinds of equipment and skins.

Mini Militia Death Sprayer

The Mini Militia Death Sprayer was released on the web servers a few weeks back. With thousands of rocket launchers available in the game, this mod is definitely not one to miss out on.

One of the best parts about it is that those who have it do not have to worry about playing without an internet connection due to how easily it integrates with other games like for example. That makes almost 80 thousand unique visitors at once.

Mini Militia Death Sprayer Features


This version helps the player to launch all weapons. Some are automatic, so it may take some time to actually hit the target.

Default Weapons

Every time a new type of weapon is introduced, the players make it through the levels easier and less stressful. This is because these types have rocket launchers; saw cutters; machetes; dual pistols (guns’ default weapons).

One-shot kills

If a player enables the auto shots feature, then the enemies will die from their bullets. However, the weapon fires 5 bullets per shot.

Pro pack unlocked

The players will be able to get a pro pack with this mod that unlocks all features available. These can be bought from Google Play Store and you do not have to move anywhere else for them.

Unlimited Ammo

This feature helps unlimited ammo on all weapons. Therefore, the players can continue fire without a time limit without refilling.

Unlimited Mines

Another great feature of this game is that it has unlimited mines. And when we say unlimited we mean unlimited. Therefore, rockets and pitch sensors travel in the air infinitely until they either encounter something to stick to or go off-screen.

Unlimited Nitro

The game makes it so that players cannot shoot ground-to-ground missiles at the opponent. To balance this out, the game gives infinite jetpacks to the player so that they can fly up and over their opponent(s), raining down missiles from above. Although, sometimes they might drift so low as to splash in the water, asking for mercy.

Unlimited zoom

For the fighting, players have weapons of war. They can zoom seven times with each weapon, including the saw sprayer.

No reload

Fighting requires no reloading, but the character can perform Continues shots without reloading their weapon.

Unlimited health

To protect players from blades flying through the air, it is necessary to grant them unlimited health. As such, after downloading Sprayer Mod with Rocket Launcher, players can get unlimited health for free. However, if they do not download the premium version of the game, this perk will not happen.

Other features

  • Mini Militia Machete sprayer
  • Saw sprayer
  • Sniper sprayer
  • Mini militia death sprayer unlimited health
  • Throw SAWS from hands
  • Sniper bullet range
  • Saw Cutter sprayer
  • Added death guns
  • Increase bullets speed

Requirements for Mini Militia Death Sprayer

For Android

Minimum 512 MBs of RAM.
Minimum 100 MBs of internal space on the device.

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How to download and install the mini militia mod apk

Before installing the latest version of mini militia, uninstall the older version if you have any as it might give some parse error on your device. After that also clean your device’s RAM from background apps if any.

Now you are good to go with all the steps mentioned below to download and install the mini militia latest version.

How to download mini militia mod apk

  • Then click on the link given in this article to download the mini militia mod apk download.
  • Place the downloaded file at the same place where your mod apk is located.
  • Download the mod free apk file from the motor-activated.
  • Install apk on your Android device.

 How to install mini militia mod apk

After following all the steps mentioned above, now you are good to go with the installation of the game. Follow the steps below to do so

  • Once it done download, enable unknown sources if they are disable on your phone by go to SETTING>>SECURITY>>ENABLE SOURCE.
  • Launch the apk file that you just download and click ‘Install.’ Let the installation completes, until you will get a success notification.
  • Now the game is successfully installed. You can also turn the internet connection of your phone to play the game.

Frequently asked questions for Mini Militia Death Sprayer

Is Mini Militia Death Sprayer a Chinese game?

Miniclip is a Chinese company that released their international online game, “mini militia”, in 2011. It is one of the most popular gun combat games on the net, allowing users to play against others from all over the world.

Is Mini Militia Death Sprayer an offline play?

The mini militia is popular among the online gamers who love to play the shooting games. Howver, this game can also play in offline mode. In this game one can earn points by winning the challenges that are given in each level, or simply by destroying his enemies. The mini militia is available for two players on free of cost.

Can we download and play Mini Militia Death Sprayer on PC?

Yes, the mini militia game can be played on PC as well using BlueStacks as your host program to run the Android operating system


The Mini Militia servers will detect the Mini Militia Death Sprayer app as a hacked version of the actual game. The app could have bypassed that server and been included in the regular server list (QP), but they did not do that instead. The app was placed on a dedicated server along with other hacked versions of this game.

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