Mini Militia Classic

We know you missed the classic version of Doodle Army 2, so here it is. Mini Militia classic brings you back to the old days. Keep killing your enemies with fun and enjoy playing with your friends. You can choose from 6 different opponents to battle or play alone if you are a one-man army. It is a nonstop action game with no levels, you can keep on playing as long as you want.

Available only on the Android Market, Mini Militia Classic is a modern-day take on the cult classic Doodle Army. Now with added weapons, various mission types, and improved soldier controls, you will not want to miss Mini Militia Classic.

This new re-release may not offer players everything in the Miniclip version, but it does serve as a jumping-off point for a lot of great things that we think you will enjoy even more. We want to focus on making this awesome game even better for you and take out anything that might slow us down along the way.

Mini Militia Classic History

First of all, we need to know what Mini Militia Classic is and why Mini Militia Classic exists. When Mini Militia first launched it was created by Chad Town and Hunter Mayer by Appsomniacs in April 2011 for iOS users. After its creation, the game became extremely popular when it launched for Android users in March 2015. In November 2018, developers sold this app to Miniclip which is a huge gaming company that has tons of other games in its library. The following month Miniclip released this game with an entirely brand new interface and added so many new features to the gameplay that players love.

Mini Militia Classic

However, there are some features that were not included in the latest version of mini militia and they were available in mini militia’s old version. Those options like being able to perform live with friends, CTF mode. For those who did not know, this is a variation on the traditional Capture-the-Flag mode where you have to work together as a team but only for one flag at a time, 12 players lobbies, etc. These features made this game fun for many people and it is why everyone hates Miniclip’s version. Miniclip sees only the cash but does not care about what their players really want.

Chad Townsend and Hunter Mayher have decided to release the game, which has been in the making for over three years. Mini Militia Classic is designed to be similar to popular first-person shooter video games such as FPS Noobs, Counter-Strike, and Call of Duty. Instead of featuring a complex storyline and missions, Classic provides a nice environment where players can shoot each other with funny cartoon-like graphics.

Publisher of Mini Militia Classic

Miniclip and the developers of Miniclip swapped roles, with Miniclip taking over the publishing of the game that they had previously handled.

However, none of the content was changed. Although there will be regular updates and new features to ensure that players are kept entertained. This new installment is an example of what you can do if you have a great relationship with your developers.

Mini Militia Classic Release Date

The mini militia game was developed by a well-known gaming company Miniclip. The mini militia launch date for iOS users was April 4th, 2011. First, only iPhone users can only enjoy this fun shooting game. When the mini militia classic got popular among the people, Miniclip decided to launch it for Android users as well. The release date of mini militia old was August 2015.

Mini Militia Classic News

Developers have some really sizzling news for the lovers of the mini militia pro pack:

“It is not unfounded. You should be concerned. We are certain that you do not want brand confusion, and we cannot stress this enough, especially amid all the information about both cases that are floating around the Internet.”

“Miniclip have stated that they do not wish to purchase the rights to the franchise moving forward. As a result, we are in charge of maintaining v5.0+ and ensuring it does not become obsolete as it is something that many people still enjoy in their spare time.”

“Mini Militia Version 5.+ stays faithful to its origins, which is something many updates choose not to do. By keeping the original gameplay mechanics it is able to play in both new and old territories simultaneously. In addition to this, we predict that the app will be around for a long time, possibly several years.”

“Mini Militia Classic is a free-to-play mobile app that offers a classic take on the original HTML5 video game of the same name. It will offer users access to all of the basic mechanics they enjoyed in the original while allowing them to battle against their friends in extra maps as well as playable characters.”

“ It appears there will be no data sharing across our version of Miniclip. Unfortunately, because there are legal concerns regarding data sharing with any company we make games for, such as ours. However, thankfully the game is sinkable so that we can tweak it for various different team sizes – even if skins aren’t able to be shared between the platforms. Using this model, the title will have custom matches with multiple game modes (e.g., 3v3 team death match and free-for-all Death Match™) as well as offline play Modes”

Mini Militia Classic Features

  • The latest version of mini militia introduces a new way to weapon switch: by using the on-screen HUD.
  • In the mini militia old version, there were a few glitches that have been fixed in this latest version.
  • The old version of Mini Militia Classic was lacking in the server stability department. The last update has fixed most of those issues, with smoother gameplay and a better user interface while you are at it.
  • In the process of segmentation and sparsity, we have lost segments.
  • There is a special edition of mini militia latest version which has an advanced mode, everything unlocked for you to try out and use.
  • Mini Militia Classic version has launchers which are super helpful to players that want to make sure they have ammo during intense games on their mobile device.
  • This version of the popular shooter game mini militia offers exciting new features players can now reload their guns automatically. Players also get three lives at the start of this cooler than ever mini militia.
  • In this mini militia latest version download, we have added motion to the alien and spaceship. Furthermore, you can now dodge the waves. It is easy to use on any device.

Mini Militia Controls

How to Install Mini Militia Classic

Below are the steps that will help you to install the new version of mini militia classic.

  • This version of the mini militia 2018 is downloaded easily because the software conveniently fits on your mobile device as well.
  • Click on the link mentioned below in the article.
  • The file starts downloading into your device.
  • Once the download is completed, it will appear in the storage of your device.
  • It would be best to first search for your download directory in the settings of your device and see if you can locate the file there. Depending on your device, it could be stored under settings >> apps or settings >> application manager. If the file is not installed on your device, then you need to request a copy from someone who has it downloaded. Once they send it over via WiFi or Bluetooth (WLAN) to you, go ahead and put your memory card/micro SD card into the device, and use a USB wire to directly plug it into your device (if necessary).
  • When searching the download section in memory, you gave to search this version of mini militia in it.
  • After you have found the file, click on it. If you will install a game for the first time, then go to your phone’s settings. There you have to activate ‘unknown sources’.
  • Now click on the game icon. It should be automatically downloaded and then shown on the main display of your device. Now we are going to play it.

Frequently Asked Questions for Mini Militia Classic


Here is a piece of good news the Mini Militia Classic is here. It is about time, right? That classic is coming back for sure. The old Mini Militia was always a favorite so we are stoked to see what the new version will be like after it releases. Stay tuned for how to get your hands on this completely improved (and SUPER COOL) version of the mini militia classic and make sure you have got enough space on your device in order to get started. This definitely isn’t a drill so stay tuned and do not get lost in the hype.

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