Mini Militia Bomb Hack

Mini Militia bomb hack is an online tool that allows one to throw a never-ending number of bombs during the game. You can download the mini Mini Militia Bomb Hack for free, and you do not even have to root your phone. The best part about this hack that makes it stand out from hacks available on the internet is that it gives one the option to place an unlimited number of sensor mines, also known as proximity or timer mines.

Mini Militia Bomb Hack is a tweaked version of the original app that lets you throw an unlimited number of bombs. A plus point about this hack that makes it stand out from the rest of the hacks available on the internet is that it provides unlimited sensor mines aka timer or proximity mines.

What is a Mini Militia Game?

Mini Militia download is a very popular shooting game available for most devices. This includes Android, Windows, and IOS smartphones, iPhones, PC, etc. More than 80 million people enjoy this game according to Google play ratings and more than 5 million are hooked up to the Arab version of the game that is played in Algeria only.

Mini Militia game is a fun and engaging video game, with awesome graphics and smooth gameplay. In this game, you will be fighting with your objective being to survive until the end while battling your enemies.

The goal for the players of mini militia 1 is to defend their base from their violent enemies, mini militia bomb hack was made to put a player in different scenarios and force them to adopt new strategies to win the game. The mini militia maps of stronghold layouts have certain hidden secrets like ladders or passages through which the player can easily open up new ways of attacking the enemy and defeat them and succeed towards victory.

When you start playing the mini militia gameplay, you begin on the battleground. There are so many enemies for you to fight and defeat that if you do not take care of them quickly enough, they will move towards your base and begin using their skills to attack it while they are so close. Use the materials you have at hand (such as weapons or food) to help combat these foes quickly and efficiently to save yourself sometime later on down the road when fighting stronger opponents.

Mini Militia Bomb Hack Missions

There are different missions in the Mini Militia Bomb Hack that players unlock by playing it. The missions vary from being defense-based to being offensive. There is also a different level of missions that depends upon the kind of mission that is unlocked. Once a mission is unlocked, players can play it as many times as they want to or feel like playing it again. 

But remember to always keep yourself updated with the new version of the game and its updates because once you play this classic old version, you will not be able to get into new versions such as v 2.0 and 3.0, 4.2.8 Version 2 has been out for a while now and we figure that almost everyone interested in buying BattleStick will be on v3 at this point.

Mini Militia 4.2.8 GOD Mod Menu

Mini Militia Bomb Hack A Mod Menu is a menu that has some buttons, sliders/ seek bar, radio buttons, etc. You can activate or deactivate your own liked hack anytime by turning it on or off.


  • Unlock Store Items (switch)
  • Unlock Pro Pack (switch)
  • All Guns Death Sprayer (switch)
  • Unlimited Health (switch)
  • Unlimited Boost (switch)
  • Instant Health Fill (switch)
  • Die By Bombs Only (switch)
  • Die By Guns Only (switch)
  • Unlimited Ammo and Bombs (switch)
  • No Reload (switch)
  • Bullet Per Shot (slider)
  • Zoom Hack (slider)
  • Bullet Speed (slider)
  • Respawn time (slider)
  • First Bomb (spinner)
  • Magic Bomb (switch)
  • Magic Punch (switch)
  • GOD Punch (switch)
  • Wall Hack (switch)
  • Anti Gravity (switch)

Mini Militia Pro Pack Unlocked Mod

We have heard that some of the players want only Mini Militia Pro Pack unlocked without unlimited health, ammo, nitro & boost? If it’s not clear to you why I put “Mini Militia Pro Pack” in quotes – it’s because, obviously, in Mini Militia games there is no Pro Pack.

It’s time to get your pro pack! As we all know no risk-no game, the mod will give you full golds! Before moving to download links, let me introduce the features of the mod.

Mini Militia Pro Pack Unlocked

  • Avatars unlocked
  • Pro Pack unlocked
  • Pick up double guns while playing online
  • Also, pick up guns like a sniper and other pro version guns
  • No One Gun Problem while picking up guns
  • One Gas Bomb included

Setting Up Mini Militia Pro Pack Unlocked Mod

  • Uninstall the other Mini militia versions.
  • Make sure to enable “Unknown Resources” installation in Setting->Privacy.
  • Download and install the file below in the post.
  • Log in with your respective mail id to recover your previous rank.
  • Enjoy the Pro Pack.

Latest Mini Militia Pro Pack Unlocked MOD APK

Here are mini militia pro packs unlocking all mod apk download links. But before downloading any pro pack unlock mod apk, make sure you know how you can recover your rank in a mini militia game. If you don’t know how? I have explained it in the paragraphs below.

Meanwhile, you can continue to click here to download a mini militia pro pack which includes a mod with all the unlocked features of the game like double gun pick up, sniper, bazooka etc. The main advantage of this mini militia pro pack is that you will get all of these things in a single mod. And the best-est thing is that you can get all these features while playing online. Moreover, you will get all the store items purchased so that you can enjoy the game more.

Mini Militia Old Version 2015

This modified version of Mini Militia‘s old version has unlimited ammo and nitro, without advertisements or additional purchases. This amazing action game is all about intense multiplayer combat inspired by the original stickman shooter, Mini Militia Bomb Hack – Doodle Army 2 . Battle with up to 6 players online in this fun 2D cartoon-themed cross between Soldat and Halo.

Features of Mini Militia Older Version Apk

  • Unlimited Bullets
  • Unlimited Nitro
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Weapons
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Diamonds

Mini Militia Old Version 2015 MOD Apk Features

  • Online multiplayer with up to 6 players
  • Intuitive dual stick shooting controls with jetpack flight
  • Over 20 maps to explore
  • A wide range of modern and futuristic weapon types
  • Offline Survival mode

Types of Bombs in Mini Militia Game

Below are listed several of the bombs that you can throw in bomb hack mini militia.

Sensor Bombs or Proximity Mines or Timer Bombs.

Sensor bombs in Mini Militia Bomb Hack are the equivalent of landmines. Unlike landmines which must be planted manually, sensors are placed wherever there is a bomb already and will detonate when another player or NPC comes within range. To make sure that seniors do not remain around indefinitely, it is important to remember that these will disappear after exactly 60 seconds have passed if they have not been detonated before then.


Be accurate and precise with your every shot. Measure twice, cut once as they say. Do not fire until you know that there is a direct path to your target or else all might be lost.

Green gas bombs

This green gas bomb releases hallucinogenic chemicals into the air, confusion, impairment of motor functions, and an all-around feeling of discomfort to the enemy.  It could also cause sleeplessness for a few nights.

Features of Mini Militia Bomb Hack

Unlimited Ammo

The mini militia unlimited ammo helps you to never worry about running out of ammunition in any gun you pick.

Extra Jetpack

This mod makes it so your jetpack never runs out of fuel. Usually, as soon as you run out, you have dropped to the ground and died a horrible death. But once you install this mod, you will always have infinite fuel and be able to fly wherever you want.

Unlimited Sensor Mines

Since you will have a lot of gadgets, weapons, and vehicles to use in this game, it would be beneficial for there to be unlimited Sensor Mines so that you can use them effectively if need be.

Version 3.0:

This version uses the same code base as version 2.0, only improving its main characteristics by modifying said code with additional features that allow missiles to be fired out of it using the correct procedure.

Mini Militia Pro Pack

Mini Militia Pro Hack will give you an enjoyable adventure in Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 as you dive into the exciting side-scrolling shooter experience. Put aside the simple graphics and unique art style and prepare yourself for one of the best shooters that you can have on your system.

Mini Militia Pro Hack lets you pick up your avatar from many, choose your starting weapons and collect all kinds of firepower along the way. Challenge online gamers through many exciting game modes or play the game alone as you take on various challenges.

Auto Aim

By clicking the toggle button from the setting panel, Your gun will be automatically pointed towards your enemy.

Unlocked Weapons

You don’t have to complete all the milestones or missions to unlock all guns in the game or you don’t need to enable the pro pack.

Ultra Speed Mod

Choose from 3 different speed sets to increase the flying and walking speed of your avatar.

Best Quality weapons

Destroy your enemies with high-quality weapons. These weapons have an advanced firing mechanism for shooting bullets at a very high muzzle velocity (110-1,200 m/s).

Unlimited Jetpack

Fly as high, and as long as you want with infinity boosters.

Unlimited Ammo

Never run out of ammunition in any gun you pick.

Mini Militia Wall Hack

Fly and jump through blocks, stones, and any possible hurdles. Shoot through walls.

Battle Points

Enough points to purchase anything from the stores.

Invisible Mod

you can turn on this feature to hide from other players.

Magic Zoom 7x

You can zoom up to 7x in all weapons, Just like Sniper Gun.


Float in the air as there was no gravity to pull you down.

Online and Offline support

Play in Custom mode or using local LAN with WiFi Support.

Fixed Bugs Mod

This mod is free from most of the bugs like game lag and freeze. All guns fire without any issue (with version 4.0.1).

Other Important Features

It has unlimited Bomb, Nitro boosters, high damage bullets, and dual wield guns capabilities.

Some Important Points To Play Mini Militia Bomb Hack

  • These points will help to stay active for a long time in mini militia mod apk 2019 to make it non-stop fun.
  • Hiding behind large shadowy trees or raw herbs will help you to attack in a better way.
  • When you feel low, use the escape option and hide from the front eye to make your muscles relax and boost immunity.
  • You can attack in a down position so that the enemy will find it hard to point your physical existence.
  • Time and gas bombs will help you to kill foe’s hidden places so that you can break their unity and can shoot them one by one.
  • You should always have back up for arsenal in the combat field and should fight with two sort of weapons at the same time
  • You should be well informed about the war structure and routes where you have to fight.
  • Your weapons should be fully loaded before you start the actual fight.

How To Install Mini Militia Bomb Hack

  • Remove the current version of Mini Militia from your phone and clean the temporary files.
  • Download the hack apk from the google drive link given below.
  • Don’t let the play store run while you download the hack. This will help in removing potential errors arising during gameplay.
  • Install the mod/hack apk permitting it to have access to some of the device resources.
  • Best use of Green Gas and Sensor Bombs
  • Sensible and strategical use of Sensor bombs is a significant factor in winning or losing a Mini Militia match. These crucial strategies are worth mentioning and implementing, and we are going to share a few of them here:
  • Plant Proximity mines behind bushes and between tunnels in maps like Outpost and Catacomb. If someone tries to hide or run through them, he is.
  • Unlike grenades where there is latency between the throw and explosion, Mines explode as soon as they come in contact with other players.
  • Make the gas bomb explode and points of respawning.
  • With the bomb hack provided, you can exploit these strategies to the fullest.

How To Dodge Bombs

Dodge sensor mines by using EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) gun. Not on these guns damage the jet pack but also makes planted mines explode. Watch out for potential areas where these mines could have been placed.

New Changes in Latest Version

These are some new changes in Mini Militia Bomb Hack Mod Apk so please read all new changes after downloading this Mini Militia Unlimited Bomb Ammo Nitro.

  • You can connect the game with 6 players at a time.
  • Multiple location options.
  • Variety of gun’s to choose
  • Fly and shoot the enemies by using a jetpack
  • Can chat with your team members with a Short Code.
  • Get free coins as much as you play.

Special Details about Mini Militia Unlimited Bomb Ammo Nitro

Do you Know Know Most people always Think about What’s special in Mini Militia Unlimited Bomb Ammo Nitro so I will shear What’s special in Mini Militia Unlimited Bomb Ammo Nitro but these are all special Unlimited things you will get after Mini Militia Unlimited Bomb Ammo Nitro Download.

Unlimited Ammo 

Imagine your gun’s Ammo is never-ending in Gameplay then you can beat anyone by just picking up a gun. Your opponent will not get a single chance to stand out for attack then you kill our Enemies and win our Gameplay. Yeah, I know, we can upgrade it, but we need to create something which is paid. This unlimited ammo feature will make your firing so smooth, and you don’t need to worry about your bullets count during the intense battle.

Unlimited Nitro 

This Unlimited Nitro Feature gets free and never exhausts Nitro Cylinders. They help to fly in the sky and also they help to kill Our Enemies. Your jet-pack nitro gets refills whenever you quit using nitro, but this also requires time to recover. That is why we added those unlimited nitro features in almost every Mini Militia Bomb Hack App. Now, we can keep floating up to as you need without worrying about low jet pack fuel.

Unlimited Bomb 

This feature gets Mini Militia Bomb Hack they help to kill our enemies because they enable you to throw as many bombs as you want. Bombs will never be out of stock. You get an Unlimited Bomb and you can use this bomb for killing enemies. You Know killing Enemies with a Bomb is very simple you can only throw a bomb in multi-direction.

These all Things are very Important for winning in Mini Militia if you need anything then Download Mini Militia Unlimited Bomb Ammo Nitro and Play it Now.


Quickly going by the post, we got to know about a Mini Militia Bomb Hack with its different types that include but are not limited to Green gas bombs, Mines, and regular grenades. Cheats are also included in the images above. This hack also included gadgets such as a dual gun with unlimited ammo and was pretty easy to install once learned the steps of doing so. 

This mini militia bomb hack does not include unlimited health as the fight we talked about in the first part won’t be possible. Our mini militia bomb hack is undetectable. We provide free hacks, mods, and tutorials for Mini Militia Bomb Hack. Leave a comment below for suggestions and queries.

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