How To Change Face Mini Militia Add Your Face

The Mini Militia is a game developed by Miniclip with exciting features. One of the most exciting features of this game is the option of changing the face of your character. Developers have a knack for customizing characters’ skin in an extremely fantastic manner and this particular feature answers one of the biggest questions that users may have today: How to change your face Mini Militia add your face?

How To Change Face Mini Militia

The people who play mini militia games can change their characters to whatever they want, including the face and style. The players can use their own faces for their characters and make them look awesome. They can also give some additional items to enhance the performance of their character in the game mini militia. The mini militia gameplay is very simple and easy to understand, yet the player needs some serious skills to win it.

How To Change Face Mini Militia Add Your Face

In order to attract more players and offer a greater variety for those who do, Mini Militia has given the game’s characters many ethnicities as well as extra features in order to appeal to them. For example, if you are not fussed about using your actual character in the game then you can choose a new one that has various skin tones and features. The features extend beyond looks as they even allow you to change the background of your chats box.

How To Change Face Mini Militia

Mini Militia gives players many options when selecting characters to play with in-game. The developer has allowed a lot of skin tones and extra features that players can use to alter their appearance if they choose to do so. One new feature in Mini Militia allows the player to use their own face as a character model instead of using one of their own creation. This helps them better represent themselves in the world of mini militia games because most people want to see them as they see themselves out of the game as well.


Steps on How to Change Face Mini Militia Add Your Face

The players can change the facial features of the character, such as its mouth and eyebrows, while they would be able to portray different emotions using these features, these are only some of the possibilities in this game. There are many other functionalities that allow you to change the hair and hairstyle of your character, or beard as well as dress them up as per your requirements.

  • To change the faces for the Mini Militia game, first, install the apk editor pro. 
  • When the file is installed, open the file you want to edit and enter that file into the editor. 
  • Choose the new name of the file you want to edit.
  • There will be three options available full edit, simple edit, and common edit. 
  • Choose the simple edit option. 
  • This option will enable you to replace the file.
  • Enter this simple edit option into the asset tab.
  • There will be files, fonts, HD, HDR, SD, and API Key present. 
  • Choose the HD option to complete the necessities.
  • There will be a lot of options for you to edit.
  • Make sure to not bother with other features.
  • Enter into the Menu texture.PNG
  • Now come to the file manager of your device. 
  • Enter into the images tab
  • There search for the Apk editor folder 
  • Edit the menu texture.png
  • Choose the images and save them in the .png format. 
  • Then go to the apk editor format and Enter into the Menu texture. PNG. 
  • Click on the edit option and start editing the images that you have selected from the file manager. 
  • Now enter into the Mini Militia folder after clicking on the Menu Texture. 
  • There is an option of face change
  • Replace the edit feature for the game
  • Save the changes 
  • Let the file load and save the changes you have made to the game’s very core. 
  • After loading, there is a message that appears telling you the editor has successfully installed the features. 
  • Then click on the install button and let the party begin. 
  • Run the app and notice that the changes you have made for the game are there for you to enjoy the game. 

Edit Face Mini Militia Add Your Face

In the Mini Militia’s latest version, there is a new wave of skins and customizations to purchase. One of these skin options allows you to make your avatar resemble you to an almost scary degree by giving it your name and face. This specificity opens up tons of self-expression opportunities and gives people many creative ways to take their game experience to the next level. The game otherwise uses the default name of the player for each character in every match, which is a generic avatar name that does not stand for anyone specific person.

One of the best ways for your friends to find you during gameplay is to change the name of the character and find one another by their character name. In some situations, however, if you prefer to play mini militia with unlocked characters instead of un-hacked characters then you can use a cheat engine in the mini militia and unlock them or many other hacks such as mini militia unlimited money and health.

A lot of people love to change everything they can in the game, especially the appearance of their character, but what they like most is the ability to be able to customize different aspects. This is done very well with this game and that makes it one of the best ones out there. They have to follow different directions if you really wanted to look like the character you have chosen. It is fun when you do all these procedures so you could look exactly like your character.

The only difference is that the players must put a different image in the present character. The players have to do some research on what kind of texture file to use for face to their character. In addition, they must open the image and crop it accordingly so that it fits into a given dimension. After cropping the image, they then have to save it and replace the original game files with the new ones they created.


We attempt to draw everything back into a nutshell by explaining How to change faces Mini Militia add your face to make icons and faces for the characters in your team members. We hope you have gotten all the information you need about changing faces of the characters.

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