6 Amazing games like Mini Militia – Alternative Multiplayer games

There are many games like mini militia- doodle army 2 on the play store we will list out 6 best alternative multiplayer games like mini militia in this post. Welcome to our gaming blog follow our blog to get all games related queries okay let’s get in to the topic. Nowadays smart phones are in the next level people are buying smart phones for playing games.

Today’s smart phone has more graphics and high GB of RAM so mobile users expecting more games to play. This game is one of the best android multiplayer games which makes huge downloads in the play-stores. This addictive game cannot be replaced by any other games but still we have a amazing games like mini miltia.

This game is available for both android, ios devices and also we can play mini militia on other platform devices like mini militia for blackberry, Mini militia for windows phone and mini militia for windows & mac pc.

If you are board with this game and want to play games like mini militia then this is a correct place from the list below choose any one and comment your feedback once you gave played the game. Most of the users expecting these below things in games. Check if you also expecting the same.

  • The game need to be multiplayer game.
  • It needs to support both online and offline mode (with LAN).
  • The game let’s connect at-least 4-5 players.
  • It needs to work on lower end devices and with small in size.

These are all the main things expecting from games like mini militia so we filtered and listed few best alternative games like mini militia below. These games are easily available in the android and ios play stores easily.

Games Like Mini Militia- Doodle Army 2:

1. Modern Combat 5 Blackout Alternative of Mini Militia:

This game is one of the best games developed by Gameloft. This game made huge success in the games world this will be the best alternative game for mini militiaModern combat 5 is a multiplayer shooting game. You can be a team or single to face the player all around the world. The game graphics will blow your mind and give you the best experience.

mini militia

Modern Combat 5 Blackout

This game is like pubg and call of duty you where dropped in to the battle zone and need to face the other with lot of weapons. Tell us your feedback about thuis game below.

Download: Android, iOS

2. Clash of Clans Alternative of Mini Militia:

This is also one of the best android multiplayer strategy games which are developed by “supercell”. Clas of clans is one of the most played games in a short period of time. This is also a game like – doodle army 2. In this game you need to collect coins and build an army to attack other player’s clans. You need to use strategy to clash enemy’s clans. You need to play this with online which made huge downloads in google play store and very addictive game.

games like mini militia

3. Asphalt 8 Airborne Alternative of Mini Militia:

Asphalt is an awesome multiplayer car racing game which makes you addicted. This game made lot of records on the play-store. This asphalt 8 is mostly liked version of asphalt because of its smooth play and a quality graphics. We know that Gameloft always produce the best games so this s one of their master piece. The customization options in this game is will really blow your mind and make you engage with the game easily.

games like mini militia

There are many cars are available in this game you need to unlock all cars and made customization on your cars. Like mini militia you need to unlock weapons similarly here cars. In games like mini militia 12 players can play at a time similarly in this asphalt 8 12 players are allowed to play.

Download: AndroidiOS

4. Shadow fight 2 Alternative of Mini Militia:

Shadow fight is also the best multiplayer fighting game like this one which is developed by NEKKI. This game provide regular updates do you will get the best experience and bugs free gaming experience. This is pretty decent game try out this game and let us know your feedback in the below comment box.

games like mini militia

Download: AndroidiOS

5. PUBG – Unknown battle Ground Alternative of Mini Militia:

In 2022 this is the most downloaded game in google play-store. Google announced the award for this game for the best game of 2022. PUBG is a multiplayer game you can play alone with the players from all around. Here in this game you will be dropped in a island and need to survive in the last one to win the game.

mini militia

This is most addictive game in 2022 they have released pubg lite version because this game need higher end device to play. This will be the best alternative for mini militia game.

Download: Android

6. Garena Free Fire – Winterlands Alternative of Mini Militia:

This is also similar game like mini militia and PUBG. You will drop in to an island and need to survive. The last man standing is the winner of the game. This game player by most of countries so you will have a opportunities to play with world level players.

mini militia

Here in this game you need to complete more levels to get the complete feature and power. You can play this game in three modes those are solo, duo and squad. You can add your friends in your squad and kill the enemies easily. Download and play the game from the android and ios play stores easily.

Download: Android, iOS

Finally, These are all the games, try to install all the games and tell us your feed back in the below comment box. If you have any queries related mini militia please let us know in the below comment box. We will come up with best solutions as soon as possible. Thank you for your visit.


Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 is one of the best games available on the internet which is popular among the game lovers. Are you looking for some good Multiplayer Alternative Games like Mini Militia? Then you are at the right place, here in this article we will share about some really cool and best multiplayer games like Mini Militia. So, without further ado let’s get started with our Multiplayer Alternative Games like Mini Militia list.

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